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6 Januari 2012

MOMEN HIP HOP TERBAIK SELAMA TAHUN 2011 MENURUT VIBE menjelaskan 10 momen hip hop terbaik sepanjang tahun 2011. Dan sudah pasti Eminem masuk di dalamnya. Eminem mendapatkan 3 momen yang masuk dalam 10 momen hip hop terbaik menurut majalah Vibe. Ia menempati posisi 2, 4, dan 7. Artis artis yang masuk ke dalamnya antara lain; Wiz Khalifa; Eminem; Beyonce; Tyler, The Creator; Taylor Swift dan T.I.; Yelawolf; Slaughterhouse; Nicki Minaj; Mac Miller; Jay-Z dan Kanye West. Dan berikut artikel yang memuat Eminem yang kami salin dari

#2 The Moment: In early February, Eminem took part in one of the most expensive Super Bowl commercials of all-time (it cost Chrysler nine million dollars!) by lending his voice and his vocals to an ad for the Chrysler 200 that also put his hometown of Detroit in the spotlight.

Our Reaction: Yo, that commercial cost that much? We guess it cost so much because it was two minutes long. But, this was a great look for Em and for Detroit, too. It’s pretty crazy that this guy has gotten to the point where he’s not only repping his city through his rhymes but also through national commercials for the whole country and world to see. Who whoulda thought that’d be the case a decade ago?

#4 The Moment: In early July, Eminem’s Recovery album, which was released back in 2010, became the first digital recording ever to surpass a million digital sales.

Our Reaction: Are we supposed to be surprised? It seems like Em breaks a new record with every album that he releases. And Recovery was no different. It is a little surprising that no one had ever done this before. But we’re glad he added that distinction to his resume.

#7 The Moment: In mid-October, Yelawolf, Slaughterhouse, and Eminemappeared on a cypher during the 2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards. That in and of itself could have been one of the moments on this list (that Em verse, my god!). But then Royce Da 5’9” stole the show by inserting the line, “Hi, Rihanna,” into his verse several times. The phrase turned into a Twitter trending topic within minutes and later caused Rih-Rih to respond, “Hi @RoyceDa59,” on her Twitter account. 

Our Reaction: Wow! We still laugh every time we see one of the guys from Slaughterhouse make major noise. As individuals, those guys were ignored forso long that it’s good to see them getting their props at things like awards shows. And this “Hi, Rihanna” thing was crazy. Funny what the power of Twitter can do for an artist these days, huh?

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