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5 Mei 2012


Dalam sebuah wawancara dengan majalah Rollingstone, Alanis Moriste menyebutkan Eminem dan Leonardo Di Caprio

"Saya memiliki perspektif unik yang mungkin seperti milik Eminem dan Leonardo DiCaprio untuk berbagi" salah satu kalimat yang disebutnya. Berikut salah satu petikan wawancara yang kami ambil dari RollingStone


RS: Your Jagged Little Pill album sold millions upon millions of copies. Even with Adele, it's not likely that anyone will hit those kinds of numbers again.

AM: I have a unique perspective that perhaps people like Eminem and Leonardo DiCaprio share. There are certain people who are in my generation who were in the hot kitchen the same time as me, and whether I know them or not is incidental. I just feel we have this wink with each other. There's a kinship because we were in a similar era in the hot kitchen.


RS: Can any musician today build the kind of fanbase that you and Eminem did?
AM: The thing you can't underestimate is the true fan's intimacy. So Lady Gaga or anybody's true fan, I don't think they're going anywhere. There are people who are into commitment. If they're connecting with an artist, I think they'll be there over the long course.


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